Grill on the Corner

21-25 Bothwell Street
G2 6NL
0141-248 6262

9th Jan 2011

Classy, classy, classy - but not in an up-itself sort of way. I love the decor in this establishment. Its Rococo wallpaper, huge corniced ceiling and enormous glass chandaliers give it an air of opulence. There's also plenty of space between tables (no way can you catch the neighbouring table's conversation here which, in turn, means it's just the ticket for an intimate meal with a partner you're keen to impress). Kids are also welcome and it's particularly popular on Sundays with its special roast deal.

Food-wise, there's plenty to write home about too. The Grill on the Corner is a Blackhouse-owned establishment. And Blackhouse are famous for their home-produced, hormone-free steaks. Indeed if you do visit this trendy restaurant it'd be a crying shame not to sample a piece of the red stuff (er, provided you're not of the vegetarian persuasion, that is! Then again, if anything's going to convert you, it's a bit of Blackhouse beef). We're also in love with the home-cooked chips - big chunky golden pieces of fried potato which come in a dinky little bowl. I've yet to find a tastier chip in Glasgow. Puddings too are mouth-watering and there's a fine selection of champagnes. The only complaint we have about this venue is the packed, adjoining bar at weekends. We'll occasionally meet there for a drink before eating and frankly, it's uncomfortable due to the mass of bodies lining the walls. But then I suppose that only goes to prove its popularity!